• Original Music Composition
  • Orchestration
  • Existing & Free Rights Music Adaptation
  • Musical Research
  • Sheet Score Edition
  • Sound Effect
  • Ambient
  • Sound Signature
  • Voice Over
  • Song
  • Artistic Direction
  • Casting: International Voice Talents (ask me for audio demos)
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  • Audio Mix for all broadcast & support
  • Sound Cut
  • Mastering
  • Audio Restoration


I manage my projects from start to finish. It’s an advantage for you and me.

My work method is flexible. I adapt it to each project, each person. The discussion is the starting point.

I spend a large part of my time to listen other sound creators. They are brilliants, inspiring and their work helps me to innovate every day. References research is for me the essential first step of musical creation process.

I like risk taking. I think originality and daring are at least as well important as technic.  More than a sound creation, I purpose an idea, an engaged choice for an engaging message.


In the course of time, I have met a lot of creative persons. Actors, designers, filmmakers, technicians… All are passionate, talented and nice.

You can see their work on my portfolio that would nothing without them. We are regularly working together and our skills are complementary.

If you trust me, you can trust them.