When I was a baby, I was a music lover.
At school, I was not afraid of flute lessons.
To test my limits, my parents decided
to enroll me at a school to learn music theory.


Throughout my teens, I practiced for my piano lessons
and played in a band. I secretly dreamt about
fame. After high school, I decided to
study musicology to make my teen dreams a reality.

As a student, I discovered an new world
mixing my my two passions:
Music and Computers.


I was Cheeky, My first compositions
were Hip-Hop music!
I even released an album.

Because I was an open-minded musician,
I explored this path and studied
 electroacoustic and concrete music
in Paris, at the GRM institution. (What’s this??)


My first jobs were for audiovisual post-production
companies. I learned to work quickly
with short deadlines.

I am not afraid of taking risks,
I even produced content for youths
before having my first child !



Now, I am a freelancer. I’ll be happy to answer your e-mails and propose creative solutions for your all your projects.