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Advertisings, corporate films, promotional spots, creation, a Youtube channel.

Famous brands, SMB, collectives, festivals… The projects and the people I work for are diverse.

Because concrete examples are better than words, especially in music, let’s see my portfolio.

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Mainly edutainment and fun content for children.

I have composed music, sound-designed the games, recorded voice overs and checked the complete audio assets integration.

I worked on an e-book, an interactive encyclopedia, learning games and a motion gaming bundle.

Some of them are available on the Play Store, others are Kurio Tab exclusivities.

So many toys!

Fun, sweets, curious, educational…They are sold in more than 25 countries, on 4 continents.

I produced all their audio content: music, songs, nursery rhymes and sound effects. I recorded the voice over for the talking toys, and you can even hear my own voice in some of them sold in France!

Here’s a small selection. Maybe you have already seen them somewhere…

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Hi-Tech products for children: Tablet, Smartphone, Smartwatch, laptop, camera…

I created their sound identity. All these user interface sounds and notifications are quirky and discreet. They contribute to the quality of a product.

I also composed ringtones, alarms and sound assets used in the preloaded apps for these smart and connected products.

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